Pursue Passion to Purpose

Make the choices that allow you to pursue passion to purpose. Don’t get tangled up in the much doing of life.

God is definitely at work in my life right this second. While doing my bible study this morning, I “stumbled over” an old entry in my journal. It all comes back to getting started and then having the persistence to keep pushing through no matter what might come your way.

running to purpose

Paul shares about it in his many comparisons with athletes. He talks about focus and persistence that drives the actions.

Finding Your Way from Passion to Purpose

  1. You have to practice – consistently – even during those moments when the flesh does not FEEL like it.
  2. You have to prepare – invest in learning the rules and basics of the game so that you can follow through with all the actions possible to reach the top level of success.
  3. You have to study – know the way the other team plays so you are ready to respond.
  4. You have to go beyond – push yourself each day just beyond where you were yesterday – doing more is the only way to reach a higher level than you were before.

More Clues to Persistent Pursuit

  • Lay aside everything that might hinder the pursuit of purpose or anything that might entangle us and hold us back. You have to take the time to look into all that you are doing or all that you have and see if there is anything that you are hanging on to or simply refuse to give up. Refuse to let anything slow down your Christian walk.
  • Dig down with perseverance. Never give up. The only way to lose the race is to refuse to finish. Keep going. Give the journey everything you have until you are no longer on this earth to run. There may be distractions that draw you off course. There may be times when you fall down. Keep focused on God and he will pick you up, brush you off and guide you back down the path – as long as you will go.
  • The things that I aim to accomplish can be reached. My dreams and passions can be pursued to a purpose-designed specifically for me. It will not be me that gets me there, but it will be my relationship in God that guides me through.

    I can do these things because the Giver of all things is alive in me.

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