Pursuing BIG DREAMS With Focused Intention in 2020

The BIG DREAMS only grow into reality when you invested with focused intention. Being busy with much doing might get a lot of things done, but it doesn’t mean you get done what you need to give life to your BIG DREAMS.

I fell off the grid somewhat over the last week. I could blame the holidays, but the truth was I have been struggling with my self-worth. The BIG DREAMS on my #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination were looming over me and no amount of little bits seemed to get me closer.

01-01-2020 grow BIG DREAMS into reality

Throughout December, the people around me have been reminding me about the importance of having a plan for the New Year and daring to dream big. I’ve been writing about it and sharing about it as well.

But doubt followed me around and I’m pretty sure was laughing at me when I wasn’t looking. Yes, even the rainbows and lollipops host struggles to fight back doubt now and then. It’s why I know the importance of investing in encouragement because those doubt attacks happen.

I’m grateful to Javacia for reminding me that all I can do is all I can do. When I set goals that are based on the actions of others then I’m often left disappointed. After all, I can’t make others do what I need them to do so that I can meet my goals. When I look over 2019 with that focus, I can see where I need to adjust.

Now, I’m feeling better.

I appreciate Tom Reid for being open and honest with me. Nothing makes you re-evaluate what you are doing than to have someone tell you that they have no idea what you are doing. I have so much that I want to do and that I feel I can do but I haven’t been able to clarify to others what it is that I need to do. The last week I’ve worked on focusing what I am and why I am.

So, I’m feeling even a little better.

What’s next?
01-01-2020 creating the life you want
Now it’s time to plot out the New Year – but since it’s also a new decade I feel the need to establish new goals for the 10-year and 5-year marks. I want to begin setting an image for what my life will look like so I can plan on how to get there.

Creating the life you want to live begins by knowing where you want to go.

Setting Your Goals

  • What do you want – and why do you want it?
    The why is sometimes more important than the what (and will usually determine the investment you will make).
  • What do you dream?
    Dreams are not always the path you want to take, but often they are on the edge of your possibility thinking.
  • What do you say?
    When you are talking and joking about “what you want to be when you grow up,” what are some of the directions you go?

The #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination gives me a daily reminder of where I’m headed. It breaks down the journey into four focuses: aspiration, stewardship, transformation, and fellowship. As I am planning the days ahead, I am determined to give each block the attention it needs to build up a world of possibilities.

What’s in your New Year?

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