Pushing Past the BreakDown (from the Reflections and HOPE Archives for 11-8-15)

Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” – James 1:2 – 4

The week started off well enough – a great radio show followed by a Twitter chat I lead based on the show. I continued building on my word count after kicking off #NaNoWriMo on the first.

I made it through the whole first day of the week with almost no incidents, but it slid downhill from there. Thursday brought a full on meltdown – complete with tears and anger at God. It was not pretty.

The rant helped though, because I woke up on Friday refreshed (although not completely relieved). Things were still in disarray and I had to do something – only I had nothing I could do to stop the chaos. I had no way to fix the situations at hand.

I turned my attention to what I could do and let the other things go. It might be better to say I let them go from my thoughts, because they were still hanging around. I discovered that dwelling on them only stole the energy away from the tasks I could manage.

Getting Through the BreakDown

  1. Accept that it is there. The mess has happened. The milk has spilled. The glass is broken. It is what it is (a favorite saying of my husband’s – NOT).
  2. Do what can be done. I may not can fix everything, but I can fix something. I may not can address the full situation, but I can address a part or a piece of it. I may not can get around a problem, but I can find a way to manage it. There are things I can do and things I will not be able to do. Know the difference and choose to invest in the can.
  3. Let it out. I cried, and I mean I cried so hard that I am certain I cried in my sleep. I woke up to a swollen face. I told you it was not pretty. Once it was out, I was in a position to move forward. Be careful that you do not let it out on others, that will only add to the problems.
  4. Make time for the Word. The worse things are or the tougher the situation, the more important it is that the Word be a priority. Set the clock and hour early and make that Word time. The Word will do more to help get through the breakdowns than all the other things combined, when the Word is made a priority.
  5. Take time to pray. Talk to God – if I feel compelled to yell at someone then I yell at God. I suspect I am not the first and I am certain I will not be the last. God has heard it all. So talk to God. Yell at God. Stop and LISTEN to God. Have a good ole conversation with God.

Life on this Earth is not always what we want or what we expect. Taking the steps to deal with the break downs will help me get through the unexpected and back on the path to the extraordinary.

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