Quot eof the Day - Thursday

Quote of the Day – Dare to Release the Greatness

Quote of the day for Thursday, June 22, 2017

“Greatness is there – existing in you now – DARE to release it by taking that step” – Kathryn

Quote of the Day - Dare to Release Your Greatness

So much more dwells within me than I am right now. I have more possibilities. I have more potential. I have more talent.

Tapping into all of the more will require that I move from where I am. Moving from where I am will require that I change. Change can be scary.

But the greatness is there . . . waiting to be released.

I would list a dozen reasons not to – but I have to get to a place where the “not tos” are overwhelmed by the hunger to have what I am designed to be.

I have to step and I have to dare to take that step.

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