Quote of the Day – God’s Got This

Quote of the day for Monday, March 7, 2017

God’s got this! It’s just some days I have to wade in a little past my comfort zone before the waters part.” – Kathryn

I have been emboldened to step out. I have been encouraged to take a leap of faith. I have been waiting for the safety net before I get out of my safe place.

That’s not how it works.

I have to be willing to step out and to take the leap without any guarantees – because my only guarantee is that He will be there to catch me. He has done it before, for me and for others, and He will do it again.

It turns my stomach – or maybe it would be better to say it flutters my stomach. It makes me close my eyes. But I am determined to keep taking the leap and trusting that He is the only net I need.

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