Quote of the Day – Inspiration Quote – Be the HOPE

Quote of the day for Monday, March 13, 2017

Let your life be a testimony and the people you encounter will develop a hunger for the hope you live.”

My dad taught me that I should preach the Gospel every day of my life – but use words only when I had to. He encouraged me to show what I believed rather than to tell it.

In college, I had a close friend walk in on a Bible Study in my dorm room. She sat in on it and after everyone else left she made a stunning observation. “I didn’t know you were a Christian. I mean, I knew you were a good person, but I never knew this about you.”

She didn’t mean it as an insult and I didn’t take it that way. She came from a background that beat religion into her – literally. What she was telling me, in her own way, is she never had to worry about being hit over the head with the Bible when around me.

I learned a great deal from that encounter, and have worked to perfect the “show don’t tell” aspect of my walk.

When people see hope in what I am doing and who I am being they ask and then I have an opening to share.

No matter where you are in your walk – or what it is that you believe – when you live HOPE, day to day and moment to moment, it will affect every person you encounter.

Take this quote of the day to heart and choose to be the hope!

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