Quote of the Day – Learn from the Past – March 31 2017

Quote of the day for Friday, March 31, 2017

LEARN from the past. Don’t wallow in it. Otherwise, you allow the past to coat all that you are trying to do and all that you are trying to become.”

Things happen. I have made some pretty stupid and messy choices in past. I was telling a friend recently that I am so thankful we grew up before social media, before 24/7 news coverage, and definitely before everyone carried a camera in their pocket (that developed instantly).

I have tried to learn from the mistakes of my past and use those lessons to be a better person – a better mother, a better wife, and a better friend.

There are days when I let the “if only” moments run the day. They blind me to what lies ahead and keep me firmly focused on what lies behind.

I will never plow a straight line if I am always focused behind.

I have to stop wallowing around in the past and determine that I can learn from the choices of yesterday but they will not dictate my tomorrow.

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