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Quote of the Day – Run the Day – March 30 2017

Quote of the day for Tuesday, July 19, 2016

If you don’t run the day the day runs you.”

Life is going to happen. It can happen to me or it can happen by me. Change is going to come. It can be directed by me or it can be dictated to me. Time will move on. It can be utilized by me on purpose and for a purpose or it can be left to waste away.

The choice is mine. The choice is always mine. It may not feel like it. It may not look like it. Others may be telling me the complete opposite.

I choose! I choose how to focus. I choose how to step. I choose how to see.

My choice will make the difference.

Determine right now that you will run your day. Determine right now that you will make purposeful choices. Determine right now.

Run the day or the day will not only run you, the day will run over you.

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