Quote of the Day – Take Action to Get There

Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for October 3, 2017

“You have to take action if you want to get anywhere.”

#Quoteoftheday with #GrowingHOPE - Take Action

I woke up late the other morning. My plan had been to work in the garden in the cool of the morning – in part because it was cooler, but mostly because the biting, flying critters were rarely out and about during the very cool mornings.

It was later and had started to warm up, so I put it off.

I woke up ready to go the other morning. My plan had been to take on the weeds in the garden so the flowers would have room to bloom and flourish. It had rained during the night and was still lightly sprinkling.

It was too wet, so I put it off.

I woke up determined to get the garden ready, but I had waited and the weeds had taken over.

In the garden, and in life, if you wait then the weeds take over. Take action. Take action right now. The only way to get anywhere is by taking the action that moves you there.


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