Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Quote of the Day and Scripture to Challenge Possibility Seeking

Quote of the Day

Dare to see the possibilities and the problems lose their power.

quote of the day for July 10 219 - dare to see possibilities

Thought of the Day

Look for the Possibilities

The car leaked. The dryer broke. The job didn’t come through. It seems like nothing good could come of it, but . . .

Taking the car to be fixed you met with a guy that had a better job available and also connected with someone who knew how to repair the dryer.

Maybe it doesn’t fall into that perfect place, but no matter what you face, there is a possibility or a nugget of a possibility dwelling in the midst of it all.

You may have to look hard to find it, but if you don’t look then you will never be able to see.

If you have ever met someone that always finds four-leaf clovers you will find one thing in common among them all. They are looking for four-leaf clovers.

If you want to break out of the struggles and you want to move beyond the problems then begin to look for possibilities. The more you practice seeing the more you will see. The more you see the possibilities the more you will believe the possibilities are there. The more you believe in the possibilities the more you will encounter them.

Be on the lookout for possibilities in your life.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Take a moment to see a possibility in everything you encounter.
Write down at least one.

challenge to see the possibilities

Scripture of the Day

“He who brings an offering of praise and thanksgiving honors Me,” says the Lord. “He who orders his walk to align with Me, to him will I bring prosperity liberty, deliverance, and safety.” – from Psalm 50:23

Scripture of the Day for July 10 2019 - psalm 50:23

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