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Quote of the Day – Power of the Positive

Quote of the day for Monday, March 6, 2017

Look out – see the possibilities and the problems lose their power.” – Kathryn Lang

Sharing possibility and hope in a twitter chat reminded me that not everyone believes that it is real. I was told that I need to be genuine and I was even asked if it was “everything is great” marketing.

I live with a guy that doesn’t see the glass as half empty – he just wants to know who stole his drink. I should expect people to have a negative reaction to a positive focus.

It still catches me off guard. Positive is my default. Encouragement is my nature. Hope is my driving force.

I believe that if you choose to see the positive, and if you dare to imagine the possibilities – where ever you are and in whatever you are facing – then you will take all the power away from the problems. The problems may not vanish, but with the positive on your side you will find a way to take control.

You will be in a position to manage the problem, overcome the problem, or recognize the problem is a delusion more than an actual barrier.

Dare to seek out the positive

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