Reaching Out to Lift Myself Up

I did something different this morning. I start my day the same every day. I get my coffee, sit in my office, and do my morning Scripture reading. I then turn to my computer and check my emails and messages from overnight – because I am certain that you are so eager to talk with me that you stayed up all night filling my emails with messages.

This morning, I did something different. After I finished my morning reading, I was inspired. Or maybe the inspiration spilled over from my evening reading and bible study. Whatever the cause, I was excited for the day and wanted to share that energy.

“What can I do to encourage or bless you today?” It was a simple request that I posted on social media. I went on with the rest of my normal routine and when I returned from breakfast I had a variety of requests posted. Throughout the day, the requests have continued to pour in – some on the actual post and many in private messages.

That one shift – from what am I going to do today to how can I bless or encourage you – had made all the difference.

I felt lighter even though the circumstances around me had not changed. I felt bolder even though I know that I still have a lot of steps I will be stepping. I felt encouraged even though the world threw more at me than it had in many days.

My change was not because of my surroundings. My change was directly from the heart. I had turned my attention to others – with a genuine heart to help – and that shift in focus lifted the burden from my own shoulders.

    Are you in a tough place? Look for ways to help others – big or small.

    Are you in a dark place? Look for ways to encourage others – with a smile or a note.

    Are you in a tight place? Look for a moment to lift the burden from another – even just a little.

Reaching out will lift you up. Turn around your day by making the deliberate choice to reach out and help others around you.

And now, I want to continue reaching out. Leave me a comment about how I can encourage or bless you. Also leave a comment about what you are doing to reach out to others.

Be blessed,


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