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Recognizing a Need for Encouragement

Everyone wants to be encouraged, but some people are in more need than others. It is just as important to learn how to recognize discouragement in the people around you so that you can discover how to lift them up.

Discouragement Means Approaching Life Without Courage

1. Discouragement comes from fatigue. Being tired makes it difficult to stand at all much less to stand in courage. There is a reason that God set up the week to be done in six days and one day of rest. This gives the body the opportunity to recharge.

2. Discouragement comes from being frustrated. Continuous negatives about a person’s attitude, actions and thoughts will bring on frustration. Overwhelming and unyielding circumstances bring on frustration. It is important to set small tasks so that there is a point of accomplishment and to help others reach for a focus and a purpose.

3. Discouragement comes from getting behind. The higher the pile gets the tougher it gets to face that pile. It is easier to keep up by doing a few things at a time than it is to catch up when things are out of control.

4. Discouragement comes from failure. One misstep, one mistake or a whole bunch of mishaps – no matter how the failures come or how many there may be – failure hurts. It is important not to let circumstances cloud the vision. Success is pushing on when things aren’t going the way you planned.

5. Discouragement comes from fear. Concerns about what someone else might think, about past failures, or just things that might threaten some aspect of life can all push people to be afraid to step out.

Recognizing a person that is discouraged is the first step to becoming a person that encourages all the lives of those around.

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