Reflection During the Holidays

The Chaos is coming – the chaos is coming!

It officially begins today. We have my son’s birthday party this afternoon after which we will decorate the house, tomorrow is fairly light – except that I agreed to teach Sunday school to a bunch of 8 year old boys, and then Monday we have a family gathering (right in the middle of nap time) and then it’s Christmas.

In the mean time, I have all the cooking left to do and I have three deadlines and absolutely nothing is wrapped yet. It’s a good thing I plan ahead and start early or I might be in trouble.

To keep it interesting, I bought a new kitchen island (the one that can move around on casters) and spent most of yesterday morning completely re-arranging my kitchen. That means that today BEFORE the party I have to do something with my office.

The only good news is that my list isn’t as long as it would have been 5 years ago. We keep things fairly organized for the most part and that makes it easier to plan for the big events. A little tidying up and we should be good to go for round one.

The bad news is that I’m already tired of it all. I feel like I’m the only engine in the train and that everyone else is along for the ride. It’s not exactly motivation. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself that I think I can when in the back of my mind I keep seeing everyone else doing nothing.

Ah! The holidays! 😀

Let’s go back to the good news – focusing on the good helps me to get my motivation up and running. I’m proud of where I have come in my home life, in my personal and spiritual growth and in my writing. Five years ago I would have stayed up all night cleaning because I would have HAD to just to get the house presentable. That’s a huge difference for someone who didn’t even know how to clean a house when she first got married.

The better news is that I think it seems like chaos because I’ve gotten the house, the kids, and myself on a regular schedule (not rigid though). Things have been so off this week that I couldn’t even decide what day it was when I woke up this morning.

I eventually got it all worked out and started tackling the tasks ahead. It’s too early to start cleaning (and the party isn’t until this afternoon) so my first task is to clear out some of my deadlines. When the house starts to stir (and while I’m waiting for downloads) I’ll do some of the cleaning and straightening.

Looking around the house, maybe it isn’t chaos that is coming (despite how it feels some moments). It’s more like the train is speeding up and this little engine is just hoping to keep up. In the end, if everyone enjoys each others company (and the food flows freely) then it will be a good time. All I can do is what I can do and the rest will just have to get off the tracks!

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