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Refuse to Let Emotions Rule and Ignite Hope for Purpose Living

It takes practice to refuse to let emotions rule. Emotions are powerful forces. Like flowing water, the emotions demand to dictate the path. Also, like water, emotions will erode and destroy as they go when they are allowed to flow without a defined direction.

Refuse to let emotions rule, and you will begin to find you can harness the power of emotions and dictate their paths.

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After the tornado on Easter, my husband and I agreed to refuse to allow fear to drive our choices. There have been several moments since that fear of missing out, fear of making a mistake, or fear of being left behind all demanded attention. Those fears tried to force our hand.

Emotions rule when you only see the storm

They might have succeeded if not for our agreement to refuse to let emotions rule. The two of us worked together. This agreement support may be one of the reasons Scripture encourages us to bring two or more together. We are stronger together. Together we had decided not to let emotions rule. Together we were able to stand when the emotions flared up.

Sometimes it takes two to make the thing go right.

Why Control Matters

Emotions get loud. It seems the less control you have over a moment or situation, the more emotions demand your attention.

When control is missing, you can at least respond from your emotions. Responding from the place of your emotions gives you a sense of control that is only a mirage clouding out the reality. You feel better because you acted on your feelings.

Just because you feel better doesn’t mean you are better. Sometimes, feeling better takes you to a place where you are worse off.

Wanting control doesn’t mean it will happen.

You can’t control the situation.

You can’t control people.

You can’t control the environment.

You can control your response.

You remain in control of the moment when you refuse to allow emotions to rule the moment.

Moving beyond where emotions rule

When Emotions Rule

Emotions rule when you speak before you think. Saying what first pops into your head might make you feel better in the moment, but it will not always look good in hindsight.

Emotions rule when you act before you pray. Slow down and pray about the situation or the circumstances. Your choice allows Wisdom to step forward and emotions are tapped down.

Emotions rule when you focus on you and ignore others. Love God first. Through God’s love, we love others. These should be the driving forces for all we do. Self should never be the focus.

Partial understandings and limited viewpoints drive emotions. Letting those emotions take the wheel will leave you in a ditch.

Take back the wheel by taking control.

Taking Control of Your Journey

Determine to take control of your journey even in those times when emotions flare-up.

  1. Take a breath. Counting to ten offers many benefits. Long, deep breaths slow your heart rate, which is often raised by the rising emotions. Just breathe.
  2. Look around. Look beyond what is right in front of you and look for more of the picture. Emotions attempt to limit what you will see. Dare to see more.
  3. Think about it. Let Wisdom be the principal thing. A choice made with Wisdom will lead you to your better place. Wisdom wins.
  4. Move. Take your step. Do what you know to do and not what you feel like doing. Be intentional and purposeful with your actions. Step on purpose.

You can’t change what was. You can’t change what is. You have to choose to focus on making better choices right now to change what will be. Stop the emotions rollercoaster and get off into a place of purposeful peace.

Now it’s your turn. Share some of the times when emotions have their way in your journey in the comments below. We are stronger when we share because we are stronger together.

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You need to know your why and uncover your heartseed to live a life in purpose and on purpose. Take back control of your journey and refuse to allow emotions to rule.

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