Relationship Foundations – Four – Be Quiet

It has taken training and lots of practice to get to a place where I am not compulsive with my words. I have learned to be quiet and there are many days when I have to purposefully choose to be quiet – because my natural tendency to share words usually wants to take the lead.

Be Quiet to Build Relationship Foundations

    Listen more – and focus on the words. Don’t just hear but take a moment to comprehend. Look at the person talking and let those words setting into your mind.

    Think first – take a moment to contemplate what you hear and the words you think need sharing. Take a breath, take a moment, take a break – before you let the words take off.

    Write it down – in moments of emotions or high energy, write it first so you can give it more thought.

    Wait for a request – for someone to ASK you for your thoughts or concerns. Before you give your words away, wait to be asked.

    Speak softly – lower your voice and also soften your stance. Softer words draw people in instead of pushing them away.

I have to practice the art of quiet or my natural tendency to talk will take over. I have to settle into the silence or the need to fill the space will drive my actions. I have to work at being quiet so that I can set up relationship foundations.

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Relationship Foundations – Be Quiet

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