Relationship Priorities – Two – Clutter Free

Clutter hinders everything and becomes an important factor in relationship priorities. I have discovered that when I am not rushed or overwhelmed or crowded in some way then I am in a better position to foster relationships and I have more to invest in those relationships.

Relationship Priorities Begin with Being Clutter Free

There is a lot of stuff available to me, but I don’t need it all – I don’t even need all of what I already have. When I release the clutter then I make room in my life for others.

    Activities first – evaluate the benefits and costs and determine which are only eating away at your time.

    Hobbies second – consider which hobbies are taking away from limited resources without a return on that investment.

    The home third – it is time to release all the stuff around the house by either throwing it away, giving it away, or repurposing it to work for your current life.

    Tasks fourth – examine all of the tasks currently on your regular to-do list and see what really needs doing.

    Goals fifth – let go of those things that are not fueled by passion or desire and definitely those that are not moving you in the direction of your unique purpose.

I need to get all of the clutter and all of the noise out of my life so that I can make room for other sin my life. I grow up relationships when I take determined steps to be clutter free.

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