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Relationship Truths– 4 – Sacrifice

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Relationships will require sacrifice. I will have to give up some of what I want or even what I need in order to invest in your and to invest in relationship – but the blessing that comes from the sacrifice will never be less than the thing I had to give up in the first place.

The Value of Sacrifice for Growing Relationships

    1. I can sacrifice my time – to do something for you instead of something for me. Time is the most valuable of sacrifices because I can never make more time.

    2. I can sacrifice my wants – the things that I would like to have or that I would like to do and choose instead to focus on your wants.

    3. I can sacrifice my energy – by investing in you and what you are doing instead of putting that energy into work with what I want. Sacrificing energy may also involve sleep – when I go to sleep and when I get up – so that I can invest my energy in you instead of what I would prefer.

    4. I can sacrifice my focus – by choosing to turn my full attention to you and your journey instead of preparing the way for my next step. When I sacrifice my focus then I make the choice to detour into your journey for a moment.

    5. I can sacrifice my resources – anything from money to talents – whatever is necessary to help you accomplish the tasks, the desires or the dreams that you have asked me to be a part of.

I have to make the choice to live out that sacrifice.

Sacrifice is rarely comfortable or fun for the one making the sacrifice – but sacrifice is always a blessing and a benefit on both sides when directed with a heart focused on Love.

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