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Relationship Truths– 5 – Unbalance

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Every relationship will be a little giving and a little taking and sometimes I will give more and sometimes I will take more. It is not balanced – but as long as I understand the why behind the unbalance then I can keep my own balance for the journey.

The Unbalance of Relationships

    1. I know my place. I can give to you what I can give to you but I have to say no when it is outside of my place.

    2. I know my limits. I have basic things that have to be accomplished in a day and if I crowd those with my giving then I edge over towards a place of person unbalance.

    3. I know better. There will be times when I know a better way, or a better person to handle the activity. It’s not that I can’t do it the way you are asking but that if you want it done right then there is a better choice.

    4. I know to keep it simple. Once it gets to complicated then it is time to walk away.

    5. I know the real source. If I understand where my all and all is then I don’t have to worry about being out of balance in our relationship because our balance is not determined by our individual investments but by the All and All that controls it All.

Balance is over-rated, and often misunderstood – at least when it comes to relationships. When I learn to find my balance then no matter how unbalanced the relationship may get I can continue on.

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