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How to Recognize Discouragement

Learn to recognize discouragement in order to prepare for the fight. Dealing with the trials and tests and storms keeps you on your toes and sometimes makes a crack for discouragement to slither in. Knowing what to expect gives you one more weapon for guarding against the negatives.

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You don’t have to look hard to see that discouragement is all around us. Any encounter with a large group of people will give you a glimpse into a life battling discouragement. When I know the enemy – when I can recognize discouragement – then I can be better equipped for the fight.

Learning to Recognize Discouragement

I look for certain things when I am watching for the attacks of discouragement.

  1. Discouragement produces pessimism, a focus on inadequacy, and a need to find faults in others in order to feel better about self.
  2. Discouragement causes a zone-out reaction to life, a feeling of being trapped (because you are in a way), and an overall lack of initiative.
  3. Discouragement crushes confidence, creates a loser mentality, and can even push into being loud and overbearing as fears and frustrations mount.
  4. Discouragement creates a stuck situation and traps the mind in the moment (or more likely in the past moments).
  5. Discouragement drives a need for perfectionism and complete control and can result in a need for constant affirmation or any type of attention (including negative attention).

Dealing with discouragement that is attacking my life is tough enough – but dealing with discouragement in the lives around me is even more of a challenge because the discouragement they are enduring is contagious – and I mean highly contagious. I have to be on the watch for discouragement so I can protect against it.

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