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Dispel Discouragement with 5 Simple Tips

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Discouragement wants to look bigger and badder than it is so that I think I am unable to relate and therefore unable to reach out. The truth is that once I recognize discouragement then I will be in a position to fight.

Armed to Dispel Discouragement

When I see discouragement acting in someone’s life – or trying to come at me – then I can take the steps to dispel discouragement before trying to move forward.

  • Be accepting – I don’t need to know where you are right now, where you came from, or even where you are going – I just to accept you as you are without a requirement of explanations or excuses.
  • Be respectful – make a point to engage in purposeful listening and to not interrupt the concerns with a pre-determined answer.
  • Be comforting – I can relate to where you are or even empathize with your journey even without understanding it all. I just need to be willing to come along beside you and be there.
  • Be attentive – make an effort to show attention praise and affirmation, hugs or high fives, or other deliberate and positive actions.
  • Be approving – not necessarily of actions or behaviors but always approving of the person.

I can’t force someone to break through the darkness of discouragement, but I can reach out my hand and hope that he will take it. As long as I keep reaching, it gives him a little more of a fighting chance to dispel discouragement from his life.

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