Resilience Training

Is your company struggling to retain new employees?

Are your veteran employees choosing to retire or to relocate to another company?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost-per-hire for an American company is $4129. You then have to add in the cost of training that employee which brings the total to around $6,000. That doesn’t include the time, energy, and financial resources pulled from other areas.

Losing employees costs you money.

What if you could stop the outflow of your experienced employees?

Resilience training provides people with the about to adapt, recover, shift, and flex while maintaining focus and balance. Simply put, it gives people the tools to keep on keeping on, which means a greater investment in what they are doing and a stronger commitment to where they are.

By investing in resilience training, you create a place for developing coping strategies that limit turnover.

Full In-Person Programs: $12,000 (plus travel for non-local)

4 – In-person; Evaluation of individual results; Weekly email to participants; 30% discount to all employees for online courses with Peculiar Productions, LLC;

Lunch Zoom Resilience Training: $3,000

4 – Zoom presentations with workbook downloads and question-and-answer segments.

Resilience Training Options:

  1. The Power of You
  2. DeStressing Your Life
  3. Developing a Positive Mind Set
  4. Finding the Time You Need

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Sample Training: The Power of You

Session 1: Evaluation

We will work through the SWOT analysis as individuals and as teams. This will give us an idea of where we are and will also help us begin to see where we are going. I would also recommend that each individual takes a personality test. It helps understand the strengths. I’ll also provide a handout that will encourage attendees to talk to others about their strengths. It helps to see through the eyes of those around us.

Session 2: Determination

We will walk through the results of the SWOT analysis and begin to see how our weaknesses are not a limitation (as long as we recognize them and make a plan to deal with them). We will work through a hand-out that will help us hone in on the strongest traits and abilities so we can begin to understand our “why” in it all. Knowing why can help us understand how we best fit.

Session 3: Focus

We will begin to connect the dots – what we can do with what we know. Look at how these gifts, abilities, and skills can be put into place where we are right now and how they can help to make the team work more efficiently.

Session 4: Forward

We will talk about the next step – where to go from here. We will look at how to build on the information we have gathered from the strengths and weaknesses to the application of abilities and how to plan for moving forward with those in mind.