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Right Motivation

Motivation can be tricky in my home. The day to day activities of homeschooling three active boys and dealing with a husband that has not been able to find a continuous paying job and all that goes with those two things can be exhausting. Just typing the words tires me a little.

Then a friend Instant Messages me about helping with a bible lesson and in the chat she reminds me of some of the blessings God has poured over my life. Or sitting at a bible study another participant hands me a paper and says he thought about me during the lesson and filled out a questionnaire about MY potential in ministry.

I just now turned to see that the sun is about to rise. It is actually peeking through the trees at this very moment. The light has already filled the day, but the sun has not yet made its appearance. I can wait on the sun or I can choose to accept the light. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

Motivation is always there. Sometimes I choose to be motivated by the negative things I encounter. Sometimes I choose to be motivated by the situations or circumstances that I face. Today I choose to be motivated simply by the light.

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