All About Relationships

Everything worth doing and worth being is founded on relationships. Investing in others and with others makes way for all you want to do. If you want to build a better life then build better relationships.

Growing Relationships

Learning some simple truths can help with growing relationships.

1. Not everyone will like me.
2. Be the best me.
3. It is not always a two-sided effort.
4. I will have to sacrifice to grow.
5. It is rarely balanced.

Five tips can help create the space for relationships to be a priority.

1. Me focus – hard look at self.
2. Clutter free – hard release of stuff.
3. Hear me – hard focus on listening.
4. Investing 101 – purposeful investment in others.
5. Expect Nothing.

Five choices lead to a solid foundation for growing up relationships.

1. Choose to be.
2. Choose to be vulnerable.
3. Choose to be sincere in words and actions.
4. Choose to be quiet or speak softly.
5. Choose to be positive and possibilities in all.

Simple ideas offer insight into encouragement that grows relationships.

1. Define encouragement.
2. Become encouraged in my own journey.
3. Develop a habit of sharing encouragement.
4. Learn to recognize discouragement.
5. Utilize tools to dispelling discouragement.


The Husband Whisperer

Discover and implement the eight secrets you need to have the perfect spouse.
1 Encouragement goes a long way.
2 Sarcasm disguised as humor is not funny.
3 It is NOT all about him.
4 Issues have to be acknowledged – yours included.
5 You will NEVER change him.
6 Whining makes things worse.
7 Doing what you know to do makes way for him to do what he needs to do.
8 A relationship with God is vital to a relationship with your husband.
A Wife Perfected

You are 9 steps away from becoming the perfected Proverbs 31 wife.
1. Focus on You
2. Feed the Mind
3. Feed the Spirit
4. Cultivate Friendships
5. Woo the Husband
6. Give the Husband His Space
7. Invest Time in the Marriage Relationship
8. Speak Positive Things about the Husband
9. Speak Encouragement to the Husband

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