Scouting Out Adventure

The Blackwater Stories

It began with an award. I won the first SouthEastern Literary Tourism Initiative – SELTI for short. During an interview after the win, the reporter commented that tourism literature seemed like a perfect fit for me because of my love of writing and degree focus on tourism.

I’d never made the connection, but once he sparked the idea, I ran with it. 

My goal became a series of books that would highlight an area or region. I imagined our family visiting all of the sights to gather ideas and prompts for the tales. The first book had to be at the beach because my husband wanted to go to the beach. 

Mystery Rock

As I started through Mystery Rock, I realized the tale had more to it than beach visits. The story expanded to include many historical places around Alabama and some local myths and legends.

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Secret of the Mounds

We’ve always been fond of Moundville – and not just because my win featured the location. The path of the first Scouting Out Adventure series moved through Moundville and then to other mounds along the Alabama/Mississippi border.  Secrets of the Mounds even wove in the Alabama Renaissance Faire because our family loves being able to dress up and attend.

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Shadow in the Cave

The more I got into the story, the more of the state I wanted to share. Despite having included four to six major locations or events in each book, I still only scratched the surface of all the state has to offer. 

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The final leg of the adventure focuses on some of the caves of North Alabama. Shadow in the Cave provides the perfect ending to the great mystery.


You tell me. 

And don’t forget to visit as many of the locations in the books as possible. Share your stories, your pictures, and your experiences on social media and tag #ScoutingOutAdventure.

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