Finding Explanations for My Journey

Searching for Explanations

I went in search of an explanation about a Scripture I was reading. It happens that way for me sometimes. I start out down the path of A and discover revelation or explanation for B (when I was not even looking in that direction).

I clicked in a few words and the search engine led me to those words. They had nothing to do with my search . . . at least not the search engine one. The site where I landed was exactly what I needed to help me continue pushing forward in my journey.

People often think I am crazy. Sometimes I deserve it – probably more times than I would admit. Many times it is because I am doing what I believe in my heart to be the path I should journey. I have prayed about it. I have meditated on it. I have waited for it to settle into my heart and peace to grow.

I have stepped out.

There is something about stepping out of the box that makes others around you FLIP OUT. “We have never done it that way before.” “This is the way HE did it.” “You must be more experienced (or educated or connected – fill in your own blank).” Just step out, and watch the world bombard you with the right way to do it and the fact that everything you have ever thought or imagined falls into the wrong way.

Maybe it is not that bad, but on many days it can FEEL that bad.

I have been facing some of those many days as of late. I came across a blog that spoke to my heart and helped me focus in on the peace instead of the noise coming from outside.

“All the while I thought I wasn’t achieving anything, I really was. All the while I thought my dream had escaped me, I was living it the entire time. Maybe you are, too!”

The words shared over at Blue Cotton Memory were from many months back, but they were meant for me at this moment.

I am not alone. And sometimes that one idea is all that it takes to keep going. So share today, because you never know for whom (or when) those words will make the difference. Reach out today because someone around you is struggling. Be bold today because your actions may be the only testimony that others hear today.

It will not make since to the world, but I am not supposed to make sense to it.

Be blessed,


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