Searching for the Flow of Words

Make the words flow
Finding new ideas for the right words for the next great novel (or speech or blog post) can become exhausting after you do it day in and day out. Building a successful career around words requires that you do just that. It is important to find ways to unlock that next great idea so that you can keep the words flowing towards your desired destination.

Top Tips for Keeping the Word Gate Open

– Learn from others. Tony Marino over at the Christian Authors group on Google+ shared a GREAT link where Peter Guber shared his keys to literary success. From his four truths, I uncovered eight for myself.

– Be naked. Write what is on your heart and in your mind. Be sincere. Be honest. Be transparent. Remember that somewhere, someone will experience the words from a heart revealed and experience comfort and companionship from knowing they are not alone.

– Give without expectation. Offer words that can help the people they encounter. Forget about what the people might do for you. Concentrate on what you will offer to the hearts and minds of others and you will discover that what you send out will return with friends.

– Start with a single word. Define a word. Expand on the definition. Let that word drive the flow of other words to keep it company. Challenge your readers to let one word become a driving force for their own actions.

– Make something worth sharing. Tell a story that others will want to tell. Give tips that stick with the heart. Reveal the struggles and the outcomes from those struggles so that others can push through their own struggles.

– Stay flexible. What worked today may not work tomorrow. Try different avenues. Explore different paths. Keep one keeping on until you paint the right scene with the perfect words.

Nothing worth doing will be easy. Writing as a career is simple – write, share, repeat. Finding the words to make that a reality can be the challenge. Keep kicking over stones to find the next great treasure. Continue pouring out words until you find the ones you need. Stay on the lookout for words and you will begin to discover words hiding around every corner.

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