Top (Not So) Secrets for Creating Consistent Blog Content

Blog Consistent Content
Creating consistent content for a blog can be tough. Finding the right topics to build words around and then fastening those words to the web with the perfect image all takes time and effort. It often seems that the more I invest in the efforts, the farther I slip behind.

Top Five Content Creating Ideas

    Start with a plan. An editorial calendar will provide daily topics that you can use as keywords and as inspiration for your content. It will also provide you with a way to stay accountable to what you have posted, or to schedule what you will post. The editorial calendar can be complex or simple – whatever works for your needs.

    Make time for your writing. A plan does nothing until action becomes a part of it. To develop a successful blog and consistent content, you have to make time to write.

    Invest in brainstorming opportunities. Set aside five minutes each night (or once a day) and see how many blog titles you can come up with for your future content. It also helps to add five to seven points for each title. Use note cards so that you can easily organize your thoughts.

    Build up a stockpile of images. Use the brainstorming cards to come up with ideas for taking your own images or search the free stock image sites.

    Reserve time for posting the content. The more you have put together before hand, the faster the posting will go. Setting aside a few hours a week to post all of your content will help you stay ahead of the content needs for your blog.

Writing content can be a challenge. Writing content on a consistent basis can become painful for many. The right system can help you get a website full of words and ideas that readers will enjoy and share with others. Break through the barriers that are holding you back from a foundation of blog content.

What do you think of these tips? Share your favorite tips for consistent content and be sure to share a link with us here.

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