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Setting Goals for Reaching Possibilities

Setting goals creates the path for reaching possibilities. You have to know where you are going to get there, and you have to move to where you want to go.

Until that moment, you will stay where you are whether you like it or not – the place and the harsh truth of how you got there.

I got to where I am all on my own. Nobody pushed me here. Nobody forced me here. Nobody did this to me.

And since I am the one that got me to where I am, then I am the only one that can get me out of this place. There is no easy button. There will be no magic beans. There has never been a magic wand.

I have to make the choice to face up to the moment and say my will to get to my want is more powerful than my comfort in my uncomfortable place.

See, I don’t like it here. I am not comfortable, and I definitely am not satisfied.

But, I got comfortable in my uncomfortable – so much so that I didn’t even realize how bad I felt about where I was. I changed how I acted and what I did because of where I was.

Today, I made a choice. Today, I hit the moment where my want collided with my will. Today, I declared how to get it done.

Imagine what you can accomplish when your want collides with your will.


Imagine what you can accomplish when your want collides with your will.

It all comes back to the little bits.

Many years ago, I began to read the Proverbs every month. I read the chapter that aligned with the day of the month. Because I had a simple little bit planned out that would repeat every month, I didn’t worry if I missed a day. Now, the goal was not to miss a day, but I knew I would read it again the next month.

That habit of simple little bits led to the challenge to read the entire Bible four times in 2019.

And that habit of simple little bits made me realize that if I want to get anywhere, then the fastest way for me is with simple little bits.

I’ve tried the “do it every day” little bits like I did with the Bible readings. I’ve tried to create a daily habit in several different ways.

None have taken as of yet.

So I’m going to try a weekly challenge. This week – the challenge is 3: doing yoga three times, walking 30,000 steps, doing cardio for 30 minutes, reading 300 pages, finishing three lessons, sending out three queries, and writing 30,000 words.

I can do it all in one day. I can do it all before the weekend. I can do it all a little bit every day. I can do more – because I don’t have to stop when I hit the goal.

Next week, the weekly challenge will be 4.

See how that works? Simple little bits that will constantly push me to the next level.

How can you break out of your comfortable uncomfortable place?

Setting Goals for Better

  • Define the problem.
  • Determine the solution.
  • Plan the destination.
  • Make way for little bits.

You can. That’s the simple truth. No matter what your hope, your dream, or your want for life. You can get there.

But you have to accept and even embrace the truth that you are the only one able to make it happen. Nobody else can do it for you. Nobody else has your answer. Nobody else can make your way.

You will need to take the steps, and you will have to take them one step at a time.

But you can – if you will!

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