Settled in His Peace

Chaos has been haunting my life. Issues pop up. Schedules get marred down by the issues. And the lack of schedule causes more chaos to round out the cycle.

In other words, life happens.

I have accepted that fact, but that does not keep me from getting overwhelmed at times. I filled my past with worrying and fretting until I discovered the answer. I have to choose to trust.

Tonight I was trying to unlock the answer to one of those life issues that surfaced earlier. A friend popped up on IM and I remembered that she had some interesting words about the subject in the past. I asked for her thoughts on the issue and we chatted a moment.

That particular friend NEVER gets on chat – at least not that I have seen and she says she never does. But tonight her husband was out of town and she was waiting to chat with him. I recognized the Hand at work and I found comfort in the ordained appointment.

I know that He steps in when I need it and ask for it. I was looking for the answer tonight. I asked for the answer. I needed the answer. Although the words that she and I shared did not fix this particular issue, they were the words that brought the right comfort to endure the situation a little farther.

I am settled in His peace because I know that no matter what the situation might look like, in His hands even the storms become calm.

Trust Him. Be settled in the knowledge that He is making a way. Then be prepared to experience all that He provides. There you will find peace.

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