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Settled in the Unsettled

Hope allows you to be settled in the unsettled moments you face. Sometimes you have to stand on the boat deck during the storm. Hope gives you the sea legs that let you rock with the boat but still stand strong.

Just don’t take the opportunity to rock the boat while you’re standing. The storm does enough on its own.

Get Settled in the Unsettled

Things will often be up in the air. Troubles will attack. Trials will come. Challenges will get in the way. There seems to be only one time in our life when things are truly settled – and that’s not really in life is it?

Because things are so often up in the air, we have to find ways to hold on to a settled place despite all of the difficulties and chaos swarming around.

#QuoteoftheDay Settled in the unsettled moments with #GrowingHOPE

“Hope gives you the sea legs
that let you rock with the boat
but still stand strong.” 
– Kathryn Lang

Hope gives you the sea legs
that let you rock with the boat
but still stand strong.
– Kathryn Lang

Get Through the Storm

Hope tells you that you can get through the storm no matter what type of storm you’re facing, mainly because it reminds you that there is an end to the storm. It gives you what you need to settle into a comfortable place while the thundering and lightning move past you.

Ride the Waves

It’s more than a feeling. Hope gives you the power to ride the waves. Sometimes the storms show up when you least expect them. You are caught in the big waves and have to hold on to ride them out. It’s important to recognize where the waves are coming from so you can turn your ship to face them at the right angle. Once you address their approach then you can settle into the unsettled you need to ride those waves.

Bend Without Breaking

If you are going to get through the tough times then you have to be flexible enough to bend without breaking. Bending will actually make you stronger and provide the means to take on stronger winds. 

A tree that is grown in a greenhouse and never has to face winds will break at the smallest breeze. A tree that is raised outside and faces the elements every day will stand strong in the storm because it has the ability to bend without breaking.

Dig Down to the Solid Rock

The only foundation worth having is the Solid Rock. All other grounds are sinking sand – or at least they aren’t very stable or reliable. If you want to stand strong through the storms and you want to remain settled in the unsettled then you need to stand on the Solid Rock.

Keep Your Knees Bent

You stand in the unstable moments when you keep your knees bent. When I was younger, my uncle was pulling me skiing and for some reason became determined to make me fall. He drove the boat in figure eights, creating larger waves with each lap. I bent my knees so that they became shock absorbers. I took each wave with determination and confidence.

My uncle eventually gave up, but I learned that day that if I want to get through tough times then I need to keep my knees bent – not just physically, but spiritually as well.

Practice Settled in the Unsettled

It takes effort to get your sea legs, and it takes time. It also takes practice, effort, and time to get to a place where you are comfortable and confident being settled even in your unsettled times. The more you invest in hope the more you will discover it keeps you settled in the unsettled.

Settled in the Unsettled

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