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Not a Football Fan Tips for Skipping Football in the South

I am not a football fan (trigger the shock and dismay of all the rest of the state).

I sat up and watched the game – not because I wanted to watch the game. My watching involved more preparation for the conversations the next day than actual interest in the game.

I have attended exactly ONE live football game after graduating from high school. The games in high school involved more chatting with friends than game watching.

My one and only college game happened by accident. My friend invited me along for a party. I ended up at the Senior Bowl in Mobile.  Chatting fell to the bottom of the priority list and I endured the hours of actual football. They only got me to attend that one once.

Give me soccer or basketball any day of the week.

I have never been a huge football fan.

And yet, I sat there the other night watching the game I had no interest in watching.

Okay, I was half watching because I was also working while the game played. I confess it took the first few minutes to determine which team was which because they both wore white and red (I know, more shock and dismay from the audience, sorry).

My son and I had been sitting on that same couch earlier in the day and I said, “I think I might have to go to bed early tonight. I stayed up too late last night doing nothing.” Yes, here I sat, staying up too late doing nothing once again – and for football, no less.

I had made it all the way to the fourth quarter and there were several minutes left on the play clock. I have learned that several minutes in football time can translate into hours – or maybe it just feels that way to me (I know, I know, even more shock and dismay). I looked at the clock and back at the television.


Why had I spent the last several hours watching a game that I had no interest in watching? I know none of the players on the field. I know none of the coaches on the field. I barely know the rules of the game.

Not a Football Fan Offers Tips for Wasting Time

  • Everyone else is doing it. Almost all of my Facebook feed was flowing with comments about the bowl games (which are football games for those two of you reading this that are like me). It is what you are supposed to do, right?
  • It was not all that I did so it was not EXACTLY wasting time. I mean I did get some writing accomplished while I was watching the game. But the truth is that I missed the other dedicated things that I have been doing each night because I half-watched the game instead. Still, it was not wasted if something was accomplished, right?
  • I have already wasted all this time, so what is a little more. Nothing inspires me to nothing more than doing nothing. As long as I have not accomplished anything, what could it hurt to waste s little more, right?

I turned off the television and went to bed. I only found out the end of the game when I got up the next morning and the results filled my Facebook page. It turns out that the game was not being fueled by the power of my reception. It went on just fine after I went on AND I slept just fine without a knowledge of the outcome.

I have a limited amount of time, and I will never be in a position to make more. It is high time I began valuing my time and guarding it with all diligence even if that means I hide in my office during football season because I am still not that much of a football fan (and that is my final shock and dismay).

Be blessed,


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