Silver Lining Life – Learning to Live a Positive Life

Finding the Silver Lining

Learning to live a life focused on the silver lining may seem like an impossible task on some days.

The radio crackled disrupting the surrounding quiet that filled the dark room. Only the computer lights offered any way to see. The faces in the room strained to see something. The ears all strained to hear something. With each passing moment, the tension grew and threatened to suffocate all those straining so hard for something.

The radio crackled again, but the sound was different. It was followed by words. “Success.” A collective sigh spread around the room once the voice cut through the silence. “We have located the stolen lining.” The radio crackled again. “Proceeding to shut down all escape routes.”

“Bring it home, Captain.”

Finding the positives in life may not always require military action, but it can be tough even on the good days. The easier route often seems to be the negative. Most of us can spot the storm clouds for miles. The easier path tends to fall in line with the voices of doom and gloom. Most of us can find some if that will bring it all down around us.

In a world so dependent on the dark, it takes effort (and sometimes teamwork) to always look to the light.

Top Tips for Finding the Silver Lining

    Rest in hope. Hope comes from knowing. It is a confident expectation. Invest the time to learn the Word so that you can rest in Hope.

    Build an army. Find people that will feed your hope. Connect with others that choose to look beyond the storm. Surround yourself with others that are determined to find and secure the silver linings of life. Having an army will help you gain confidence when yours alone might wane.

    Insulate your life with warm fuzzies. Find things – music, movies, books, pictures, or sayings – that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Keep these around you at all times. Retreat to them when the forces ahead seem overpowering. Think of the warm fuzzies and you will prepare a way to grow your Hope.

In truth, silver linings cannot be caught – not by military force. Silver lining living is a learned path. It takes practice. Build a walk founded in and on Hope and you, too, will have a silver lining life.

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