Simple Keys to a Life of Peace – Study the Book of Proverbs Chapter Fourteen

Find some simple tips to help you continue on the journey to develop a life of peace and joy. Take a moment and read Proverbs Chapter Fourteen. Let the words speak to your unique situation. Write down any thoughts or questions that come up while you read. Also, write down any verses that stand out. Meditate on these thoughts, words and ideas over the next few days until they begin to take root in your heart.

The Right Path is Simple

Knowing the keys to the Proverbs life is simple. USING those keys can complicated.

It seems simple that with wisdom a house is built. It seems simple enough that wisdom guides to upright living. It seems simple enough that wisdom preserves.

The thing that complicates this “wisdom living” is the actions of the flesh. Living in or through the flesh results in a foolish life. The foolish life tears down the house. The foolish life lives in deception. The foolish life mocks forgiveness. The foolish life will be destroyed.

Which makes it seem even more simple. Everyone should choose wisdom. And Wisdom stands there calling out to everyone. But so often the nod is given to the quick temper, the devises of evil and the schemes of man.

The difference lies in the focus of the life. Those that fear the Lord will find strength. Those that fear the Lord will find life. Those that fear the Lord will find patience.

Ultimately, the path to that life of peace and joy is simple. Invest in a personal relationship with the Creator and He will become your refuge, your Wisdom, and your Righteousness.

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