Simple Path to the Proverbs Life

Wash, rinse and repeat your way to the Proverbs life.

Messing up seems to come naturally to a mother of teens – or toddlers for that matter. I think that I have it all under control only to realize that I am not even sure what IT is. I was talking with a friend, Amanda, from over at A Mom by Chance and discovered that most of us are just getting up each day and trying.

“The key to success is trying until you get there.”

I told her to just rinse and repeat and keep trying. She added that we should wash, rinse and repeat as necessary. Taking the right steps should be as easy as following the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle, but still I find myself sinking in the waves instead of walking on water.

Top Tips to Keep You Trying

    Wash – remember that One went before you that prepared your way. Putting all of your trust, hopes and expectations in and on Him will clean you of the rules, regulations and demands of this world.

    Rinse – let go of the things that come from this world. So much stuff tries to drag you down – the hurts, habits, and troubles that the world throws at you. Let the peace of knowing Who is in charge rinse so things away. It will give you a fresh start for the day ahead.

    Repeat – the only sure way to failure is to never try. Keep on keeping on and you will find that one step, one day at a time you find your way to the place that you know you should be.

The world makes everything complicated, but life should be as simple as shampooing my hair. All I have to do is follow the directions and the knots, tangles and dirt will come out in the end. I can find my way to that life of peace and joy in Proverbs if I am willing to take the simple path of wash, rinse and repeat (until I get it right).

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