Create Your World Domination
You can create your world domination and define a plan that will work for you. The key for me was keeping it simple and tackling little bits at a time – because simple is easier and little bits add up to big differences. So, we are keeping it simple – eight steps, including four squares. Eight Steps: 1. Determine priorities – Time Audit 2. Define anchor 3. Declare vision 4. Set BIG DREAM goals 5. Develop objectives for reaching goals 6. Define strategies for fulfilling objectives 7. Break down to bite-sized tasks 8. Wrap it up in a flexible schedule Can be structured as a workshop, retreat, or series.
Repurpose Your Words
Put your words to work for you by finding creative ways to repurpose what you create - from blog post to PDF to print book to podcast - all the words can work together so you don't have to work so hard.
Write 30,000 Words in 30 Days - without Hurting Yourself
You have the words in you - now we need to create the plan that will work for you (so that you can work the plan).
Growing Relationships
It is ALL about relationships - reaching success and pursuing purpose begins with the right foundation of relationships.
The Power of Words
Words have power – discover how to wield words that offer hope, encouragement, and healing.
Overcoming the Impossible
Nothing is impossible until you decide it is – believe, learn, step out in faith and you will get there every time.
Discover Your Uniqueness
Unlock that uniqueness so that you can plot a course and begin the journey to that place you were designed to fulfill.

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