You can create your world domination and define a plan that will work for you.
The key for me was keeping it simple and tackling little bits at a time – because simple is easier and little bits add up to big differences. So, we are keeping it simple – eight steps, including four squares.
You have a book in you, and together we will create the habits that will let you tell your story.

Can be presented as a workshop or as an 8 week course.

You have something to say – find your unique voice for your words and then develop creative and powerful ways to put your words to work

Simple ideas for finding your voice
Quick Tips for getting the words down
Turn scripts/blogs into ebooks.
Turn ebooks into print books.
Turn blogs into to memes.
Turn podcasts into blog posts.

Be creative in adjusting your words to work within a niche and you will find that your words work for you instead of you having to work so hard for your words.
The Key to a Good Plan is Flexibility – Make a plan with goals written in concrete but steps written in sand.

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