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Special Thanks Given to the Brazen Social Media Assault

Thanks for the Social Media Breakthrough

To the person that said you wanted to engage on Facebook then called me out (in a not so flattering way) for disagreeing . . . THANK YOU!

Social media plays an important role in the lives of society today. It is the only way to find out anything about anyone. Social media provides all the news and other important information. Social media is a requirement for running a business.

That is what THEY have been saying, and I believed it. I fell for the hype – hook, line, and sinker. The sinker was the key.

I survived the political season – but only by a hair. I longed for the days when social media offered friendly pet pictures and amazing garden ideas. Posts on social media promised I wasn’t alone and the end of the political season would return the feeds to the felines.

The promise faded almost quicker than my enjoyment of the morning (because the government stole my morning and left me in the dark). Politics didn’t need to be on the frontline because “people” were happy to take the place of the chaos and craziness of politics.

People wanted – not THEY demanded to get what they wanted despite the rules or the laws in place. Feelings mattered and I was daily bombarded with cries of “it’s not fair.”

And then you stepped into my life. Your post popped up into my news feed and you shared. I shared back something I had learned. You shared back a question. I shared back an answer. We engaged for a brief moment on the social media roller coaster.

I should have known we were ticking our way up to the precipice.

You made an accusation against me – personally. It gave me the courage to do something I have never done before – EVER. That is why I thank you.

I clicked a button that stopped the negatives and the attacks from showing up.

I was free!

I began clicking that button and found other related buttons to click as well.

It reminded me of when I discovered the “don’t get any more invites from this app” button. My excitement may have led me to dance a little.

You taught me that I don’t have to listen to the negatives. I can walk away. I can truly let it go.

Now my feed flows with encouragement memes, pet videos, and bad puns – which all leave me smiling.

And I have you to thank.

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