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Stop Running from Your Truth

Stop running if you want to live the exceedingly abundant life prepared for you to walk out. When the author came to the fork in the road, he didn’t take the road less traveled by standing around debating or by running in the opposite direction. He made the choice to walk out his path.

And you have to walk out your truth if you are going to craft your best life.

We are in this world, but we walk out our unique design when we embrace the Truth of who we are.

We have to stop running,
turn around,
and breathe in the Truth
until it is the very life we breathe. 
– from Place in Purpose


We have to stop running, 
turn around, 
and breathe in the Truth 
until it is the very life we breathe.  
- from Place in Purpose

Stop Running Away

I won a place in the state finals in my last year of diving. Arriving at warmups, I felt ready. With several new, more difficult dives in my toolbox, nothing could stop me.

Until she showed up. The same diver I had faced the last three years. Secretly (and only to myself), I had hoped she had graduated. The last three years had left me behind her in the ratings, and the last thing I needed was to end my career in that same place.

Warmups did not go well for me that day. I didn’t even attempt my new dives because I didn’t want to risk making a fool of myself when I missed the entry.

I called a friend that night, expecting a great pep talk. Instead of “You can do this,” he told me I didn’t have to. “If you don’t want to dive, then don’t.” 

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to dive.”

“Actually, you said that exact thing. You didn’t want to dive against her. You don’t have to dive.”

“But my dad will be disappointed if I don’t.”

“If you are diving for anyone other than you, then you are already losing.”

I didn’t understand then what he was saying, but I did understand that if I wanted to dive, I could. And I did. I even did my new dives. I don’t remember anything else about that diving meet – not my scores, not the winners, not even how I did with my dives. 

But I remember what he said to me, and today as I share with you, I realize what he was saying. When we chase the expectations of others, we run away from our truth. When we lean into our unique design, then we go into the actions with purpose and on purpose.

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Learning to Stop Running from Your Truth

The world will tell you that you have to do things. People around you will demand you follow the directions they prepare. Even those who care about your journey or who are mentoring will have expectations to fulfill.

As long as what they say and what they want are what dictate your path, you will be running from your truth. The more you grow to know you and the more you believe in you, the bolder you become in walking out the path only you can walk.

Stop running today. Learn your truth and then take the leap and land the dive. 

How will you touch a heart today?

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