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Strength Comes With Each Choice

Strength comes when determination overwhelms discouragement. When you find it in you to get back up each time you stumble, you grow your strength. Embracing the resilience to keep on keeping on even when the going seems more blockage than pathway feeds your strength.

Each choice you make will make the bruise, scrape, or strain worth it because you’ll know you have grown better, faster, and stronger.

Dare to keep rising up.

Strength comes
when you make the choice
to keep getting back up.
– Kathryn Lang


Strength comes when you make the choice to keep getting back up.

Strength Comes When We Keep on Keeping ON

A tree that goes in a protected environment can’t be transplanted out in the open. When scientists built Biosphere 2, they discovered that trees grew faster in the protected environment but never to maturity. The trees were weak and fell over because they were never exposed to wind. The wind in the wild would stress (although stretch would be a better way for us to think about it) the wood, making it stronger.

Falls are our wind. We get stronger when we dare to encounter the falls. The s

  • Have the courage to paint your path
  • Wobbly still means moving
  • Find the lesson in the fall
  • Falling is not failing
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Nobody Skis anymore

We’ve been living by the lake these last couple of years so I have a view of one of the more trafficked recreational areas. I have yet to see anyone skiing behind the many boats. 

I brought this up with a friend recently, and he agreed. “Maybe nobody wants to take the time to learn to ski anymore,” he suggested.

“Maybe nobody wants to take the time to teach them or knows how to teach them.” I offered.

Skiing can be a tough thing to learn – whether you are skiing on water or on snow. You have to learn the details before you try. But even with those details, you will fall.

Pro Tip: When you fall while water skiing, LET GO OF THE ROPE. That’s one lesson my son learned the very hard way.

If you want to learn to ski, you have to be willing to fall. If you want to learn to ski better and do more difficult skills, you have to be willing to fall more.

Falling is not failing as long as you keep getting up. Strength comes with each choice to get up and go again.

Paint Your Path

Paint your path. You have it in you right now to paint the path you want to live. The purpose life is only a brush stroke away. All you have to do is lean into the design of the greatest Artist ever to exist – and that design is all you.

Wobbly Still Means Moving

Your muscles have to grow stronger for you to stand firm. Each step you take and each move you make builds that strength. Until you have strong enough to withstand the bombardments, you will find that you get wobbly now and then. But even wobbly progress is still progress.

Find the Lesson in Falling

If you don’t fall, then you aren’t trying hard enough. Whether you are attempting a new dive, a new recipe, or a new course, you have to keep stepping out to grow to stretch beyond where you are right now. And you will have to fall in the process.

Falling is Not Failing

Failing requires not trying at all – or at least not trying again and not learning from the try in the first place. As long as you learn and keep going, you never fail in the fall.

The Rise from the Stumbles

Every time you rise up, you strengthen your heart, mind, and body. Falling may not feel good, but it gives you more to go on in the next round. 

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