Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Eight – Finding Wisdom

Take a moment to read through chapter eight in Proverbs. Make notes about the words or phrases that catch your attention. Follow up those thoughts with research using a concordance. Write down one verse that stands out above the others and then carry it around to memorize over the next few days. Share your memory verse with others.

Finding Wisdom IS Simple

Search for wisdom and knowledge. Go to school. Read books. Learn more. The world makes it seem like wisdom has to be dug out of the deepest cracks where it hides. Worldly idea have never been big on making the Right path the easy path.

Finding wisdom is not a difficult path. It is rather simple. Wisdom cries out to each and every one of us every day.

Wisdom 101 from Proverbs Eight

    – Wisdom stands out to be seen. She stands at the city gates and at the entry door. All we have to do is choose to see.

    – Wisdom cries out. She stands shouting the righteousness daily. All we have to do is choose to hear.

    – Wisdom offers more than any other path. She provides fruit better than gold and increase worth more than silver. All we have to do is choose to follow her path.

    – Wisdom provides an inheritance of substance. She offers to fill the treasuries of those that love her. All we have to do is give up those things that hinder our love for Wisdom.

    – Wisdom gives place to rulers and judges. She is counsel and with Wisdom the rulers of the earth take their places. All we have to do is obey her decrees.

Wisdom makes it simple. All we have to do is look and she will be found. Through Wisdom we obtain favor with the Lord. Without Wisdom we find death.

Is that a simple enough choice?

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