Study of the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Four

Read chapter four in Proverbs. Make notes about any questions or thoughts you have about the verses. Write down any verse that stands out on an index card that you can carry around and meditate on during your day.

Wisdom is the First Thing

Make Wisdom a priority for your day. Seek ways to procure, attain, arrive at, own or get Wisdom in all that you do. Never lean away from Wisdom, but love Wisdom with all your heart, mind and strength.

Wisdom will protect you, maintain you, and guard you in this world of chaos and uncertainty.

Tips for Letting Wisdom Take Root

    – Get Wisdom and get life. Use study guides, study groups, tapes, videos, online classes or whatever you need to continually pour the Word over your life. Wisdom will increase the years of your life and the quality of those years. You will walk and not stumble and your path shall not be pressed.

    – Let Wisdom light a path and then follow that path. The more you hear, read and speak the word the more it becomes a reality for your life. Let the Words of Wisdom settle into your heart and provide health, life, and direction of life.

    – Focus on the step ahead. Drawing a line to the finish will only be possible if you look to that finish. Make Wisdom your priority and it will begin to overshadow the past.

    – Protect your heart. The things that you do each day will affect your heart and mind. Wisdom will settle into your heart, so protect it with all diligence. The things you see, hear and say will begin to take root in your heart as well. Watch your words so that you provide protection for the Wisdom that is growing there. Put away the negative.

Keep your focus on what lies ahead. Let Wisdom become the driving force for each step. Allow Wisdom to set up the path and prepare the entire course for your life. Get Wisdom and follow with boldness.

Are you letting Wisdom take root in your life or is it crowded out by the noise, chaos and things of this world?

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