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Super Fans Encourage the Pursuit of Hope and Possibility

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MAP IT OUT – Week 5 – Team

Friday – Encouragers

I need super fans on my team because they are the fuel for my courage. It will take courage to do something new, something different, or just something that is not inside my comfort zone – and most purpose pursuits will fall outside that comfort zone.

Nothing makes me feel more hopeful or more courageous than knowing that someone else supports what I am doing


The more super fans I can gather around me the better, but even one can create a big difference in my journey. I need to be watching out for the encouragers that will give me the boost towards my possibility.

Gathering the Super Fans

Super fans are really super heros because they swoop in and they rescue me, often times from my own self.

    #GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Team - Encouragers

  • I need super fans of me – who I am now.
  • I need super fans of my work – my words, my podcasts, and my presentations.

  • I need super fans of my promise – of who I am becoming and what I see as my possibilities.

  • I need super fans of my ideas – that will take what I imagine and help it grow.

  • I need super fans of my team – of the people around me and of being part of the team.

I need super fans on my team so that I can have the boldness to keep going even when I would stop. The encouragers are the fuel of possibility that keep my heart focused and moving towards my purpose.

[tweetthis] The more I can hold to hope the more I will be able to find my way.


Super fans are more than friends. They are more than family. They are they fuel that fires up possibility.

Quote of the Day to Inspire and Encourage

Quote of the Day - What Makes You Weird

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

I am unique – and sometimes that makes people look at me like I am weird. On more than one occasion they have voiced their thoughts with the declaration, “You are not normal.”

I am not “normal” because I am not like others. I have unique purpose. I have a unique path. I will stand out!

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