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Reflections and HOPE - Sunday

How to Understand the Easy Path for Life

Do you need a little inspirational reminder? Sign up today for the Reflections and HOPE weekly newsletter and I will send you some words of HOPE to help encourage you on your journey. Walking out the Easy Path for Life By Kathryn C. Lang (from the Reflections and HOPE archives) Every morning, if I […]

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Motivation for Life

Planning for Purpose The motivation that I put to work in my life will either drive me towards my purpose or will knock me into a ditch. I have followed both paths with equal amounts of focus. The difference is not in the amount of energy required or the amount of time required – the […]

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Action or Focus

Being Active or Focused

I peddled as hard as I could to make it, but I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I leaned into the bars, put my head down and peddled even faster. I looked up then looked around and I am pretty sure I had been peddling backwards the whole time. Frustration squeezed into my […]

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