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5-9-16 unique stage

Make Actions not Excuses

When you notice it then do it – that is how you get things done” The advice was handed out by an organizational expert – well meaning, but a little delusional about my life. I am almost certain that this expert did not home school, while working from home, while helping with a sick in-law, […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Living Beyond Conventional

I can. I have made the same statement repeatedly over the last several weeks trying to move myself in the right direction. I know that if I will do what I know to do then I will get to where I need to be. Because I can. I have listened to others direct my path […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Finding My Way Out of the Box

I fell for it – and I fell hard. I fell for it so well that I wrote about it, I talked about it, and I event taught it. How many times have you heard the saying ‘it may be simple but that does not mean it is easy?’ I heard it and I believed […]

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back to the foundation

Back to the Foundation

The world wants to hold me in its mold. The world wants to show me the way it works, the way it is done and the way it will continue to move. The world demands my attention and my submission. But I am not of this world, although I do live in it. My focus […]

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