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finding my rest

Tips for Finding Peace

I sat watching the storm blow in – the sights, the sounds, and even the smells shift to something damp and warm. The wind rippled through the trees causing the leaves to dance in anticipation. The smile that had been softly resting on my face grew as the drops began to fall. PEACE. Let not […]

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5-18-15 defeat worry feature

Defeat Worry, Stress, and Fear

Defeat worry to being living in a life of peace. Defeat Stress to unlock the secrets for staying young. Defeat fear to release the power to fly. Worry, stress, and fear mangle the heart. They strangle the dreams. They crush the ability to think through the moment forcing the mind and the body to react […]

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Wash, rinse and repeat your way to the Proverbs life.

Simple Path to the Proverbs Life

Messing up seems to come naturally to a mother of teens – or toddlers for that matter. I think that I have it all under control only to realize that I am not even sure what IT is. I was talking with a friend, Amanda, from over at A Mom by Chance and discovered that […]

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Scoffer hunting defeats contention

Go Scoffer Hunting to Defeat Contention

“Cast out the scoffer, and contention will leave; Yes, strife and reproach will cease.” Proverbs 22:10 Living with relatives in an overcrowded situation can make it VERY easy to spot the scoffers. You know the ones I am talking about – every word or situation has a negative slant, nothing good ever happens and their […]

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Avoiding the Come-Apart

We all face those days – or weeks or moments – when things are overwhelming and the top is about to blow. I’m there! There is just too much on my plate or too little support, I’m still trying to figure out which. Instead of exploding all over the people that I love (although I’m […]

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