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Place in Purpose

Finding Your Place in Purpose

Do you know the purpose behind your creation? Did you even realize there was a purpose? Several years ago, my husband and I waded through “Purpose Driven Life” together. At the end of the book he sighed, shrugged and stated, “That’s great, now what?” My husband wanted to know his purpose and he expected the […]

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Live life ready for purpose

Ready for Purpose

Not everyone desires to live on purpose. Some people prefer the status quo over the challenges and changes required to get ready for purpose. The daring few who step out into purpose soon discover that despite all the mountains, living on purpose provides a life of peace and joy. Living on purpose and in purpose […]

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Why you do What you do

Passion drives purpose. Unlock your passion and you will find that you can pursue your purpose with a boldness that you never even knew you had. There are so many people walking around right now that are following a talent or an education but have never discovered that passion. Each person has moments that ignite […]

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