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Define YOUR Success

The Importance of Defining YOUR Success

“I want to be a success.” This was the answer I got when I asked a friend what he wanted from the words he was creating. His reply did little to answer my question because his definition of success and my definition might not be the same. Have you defined success? I have mentioned before […]

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Missing the Mark

Uncovering the Mistakes of My Freelance Writing

I worked full-time freelance writing and made a good living doing it. I wrote for websites all around the globe that covered a HUGE range of topics. I looked for jobs that paid a wage I had determined worked for my experience and education. I had defined my success and pursued it with bold consistency. […]

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Building Blocks to Writing Success

Building Blocks to Writing Success is an eBook released by Kathryn C. Lang in November of 2011. It shares tips and suggestions for building a writing career based from her own experiences into the industry. “How do you make a living writing?” I get asked this question almost every place I speak on writing. Most […]

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Tips for following a writing passion

Following a Writing Passion

I woke up the other morning with the revelation burned into my thoughts. The energy from the concept had me bouncing off the walls even before I added the two cups of coffee. My husband arrived home with me bursting at the seams just to share what I had discovered. “I realized something this morning.” […]

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pencil sculpture

What do you Write

The moment someone finds out that I am a writer this question comes up. Writing full-time as a freelancer means that I write just about everything. My articles have included information about corner showers to stories about festivals around the world. It has been a diverse journey. On top of what I write for others, […]

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