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Finding Money as a Freelance Writer

Writing may be an art, but writing for a living requires finding ways to get paid for that art. Anyone can start a blog, but most blogs never break even. Many more blogs are just holes to throw money down. Anyone can write and publish a book these days, but few ever make any money […]

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Make more than loose change as a freelance writer.

Making Money as a Freelance Writer

A friend recently attended a conference where she was told that it was not possible to make a living as a freelance writer. She chimed in that she knew someone who made enough with freelance to support her family. My friend used my career as a freelance writer for her example. There have been years […]

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Make a Plan for Making Money Writing

The dream of developing a career as a writer almost always involves money in some form. Some writers dream of cashing in those big checks. Other writers just want to make a living doing the thing they love. No matter what amount of money makes up the target, there needs to be a plan to […]

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Making a Living Writing

My family lives off my writing income. One year ago that was fine. As the economy declined so did my income. It has been TOUGH to survive these economic times on a writing income. I still believe that a determined freelance writer can make a living writing – on the internet, in print or with […]

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Learn to Make Money Writing

Anyone with a passion for writing and a hunger to control their own prosperity has the potential to make money writing. It takes some skill and some boldness, but persistence and determination are two of the most important keys when it comes to making money writing. Keys to Making Money Writing 1. Unlock your passion […]

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Freelance Writing Markets – More Basics

Deciding to take the plunge into freelance writing as a full time career is only the beginning of the journey. Uncovering different job opportunities can be a job in and of itself. Finding Freelance Writing Jobs 1. Forums – new forums don’t like to look like new forums so many will hire companies to have […]

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Making Money with a Blog

There are a number of bloggers on the internet who make a living from their blogs. I am not one of them – yet! 😉 A recent article at All Freelance Writers about making money as a blogger got me thinking about whether I want to make a living from my blogs and just what […]

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Successful Freelance Writer

Earning a Freelance Income You can Survive On

Many people avoid freelance because of the uncertainty of income. That is completely understandable. I started into freelance writing as a way to ADD income to our household. It was only about three months into my serious pursuit of a freelance career that my husband left his job and our family became dependent on the […]

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