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1-1-17 2017

A New Plan for the New Year

My plan for the New Year begins with a simple understanding that I have to be focused on MY WAY. The process began several weeks back. It required a review of the last 40ish weeks and a look into the crystal ball for what the future weeks would hold. I discovered something that shocked me. […]

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J2C Monday copy

Accountability and Change – No More Waiting

[tweetthis]My journey to change becomes stronger when I invest in accountability[/tweetthis] The New Year creeps ever closer. I decided not to wait for it. I am jumping in to the new me right now. I could wait. I have waited in the past for someone to tell me how to make my books a success. […]

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Growing HOPE CWA Radio

Making a New Year Plan

“I love it when a plan comes together.” That made some of you smile because you immediately flashed to an image of the team. That flash makes me smile as well, but the idea behind the statement also gives me a little jolt. It is not just about the plan. Yes, you do need a […]

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Focus - my theme for the New Year

Finding Your Theme

“What is your theme for the New Year?” My friend made the post on her Facebook page (and then followed up with a blog post about the theme answers she received). She had the idea of encouraging people to start the New Year off with a bang. I knew it was the purpose for her […]

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Preparing for the New Year

That time has shown up again. I must review my challenges from last year and then clean the slate to start fresh this year. The first step it to review my list from this past January. I will confess right now that I DID NOT succeed in three out of five of my goals. • […]

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